Just In Case

Ever been caught short when it comes to the kids?
Ever heard “ I need a wee wee “ or even worse “ I’m going to be sick” , and you’re nowhere near a toilet?

The ‘just in case’ is a back up plan when ever you need one, with handy safety nets for kids such as wipes, sick bags, a first aid kit, change of clothes and even a pop up portable travel potty!


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You need to change baby in the boot, now you have a spare changing mat, wipes, nappies and nappy sacks!

little one has a little accident, now you have spare clothes, wipes and sick bags!

you’re in the car and heard “I need the toilet” , now you have a travel potty as back up!

stuck for a gift for a baby shower? Our baby case is the perfect safety net for parents to be!

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Don’t get caught out!

“As a single parent, I’ve been caught off guard by toilet requests that are already too late, nose bleeds in queues at a drive through, scraped knees at the park and even utter meltdowns because we’ve been without a coat in the rain…….. not to mention changing nappies in the boot, only to discover I’ve ran out of wipes or nappies!!
If I’d had a ‘just in case’ I wouldn’t look 40 at 30!”

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What they’re saying

Really useful product. Bag comes with everythingfor the times in need!

Chloe P

Bag has plenty of space for extra items but you really don’t need much else, they really have all situations covered!

Sarah R

Review from @aprildeaustin